Sheng Yang Hsing was established in 1988, professional manufacturer of aluminum alloy and special metal material the precision parts OEM/ODM processing, we introduce Automatic multi-shaft computerized Lathes, CNC milling machines etc. advanced accurate equipment, with CAD/CAM computer's auxiliary software, offer to the customer the more high-accuracy, variety, and developing production efficiency higher, and then improve the competitive power.

In CNC computer lathe / automatic lathe process scope, Sheng Yang Hsing  revitalize with excellent technology, equipment and manpower to focusing on high value-added specialty products, the main products are all applied to the accessories of such industries as advanced bicycle, auto, motorcycle, computer, photoelectric, medical apparatus, etc.. We manufacture more than ten-thousands of precision hardware parts already, have abundant process cutting and milling experience , obtain such high favorable comments of industrial and set up good prestige on the market.

We can according to sample or design drawing of customer, to go on fast, quantity produce and coordination to make surface finishing such as anodic Coating, hard anodic coating, electroplate, black dye etc.  

If you have any problem about part products or need any assistance, please feel free to contact us. We will have a soonest response to you.

1.     The Automatic multi-shaft computerized Lathes, very accurate fast process metal part products of

        various kinds of aluminum alloy and special material.

2.  For single aluminum alloy forging and extrusion parts , offer the cutting, milling and drill processing

Our team is devoted to innovating and constructing will pursue the top quality of the Pyramid to customer's best service, in order to reach the customer satisfied.

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